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Home Décor Trends for 2022

Here are some home décor trends that will be popular in 2022, according to interior designers:

Modern Neutrals, textured furniture and antique pieces are all on the rise.

People are also embracing color as we move into the new year.

Home Décor Trends


Neutrals: Neutral furniture pieces will get a modern twist in 2022


Alessandra Wood, the vice president of style for the interior designer Modsy, told Insider that people are turning toward alternatives to traditional neutrals in furniture.

"We're seeing customers ditching white, cream, and ivory sofas and upholstered pieces for richer, earthy neutrals such as camel, taupe, cognac, rust, and sage," she said.

She said these warmer colors can help people "create more cozy spaces that can really be lived in."


More color : Many people will be turning to color to warm up their homes in the new year.

"I have had so many requests for color in my clients' proposals for 2022," said Maggie Griffin, the founder and lead designer of Maggie Griffin Design.

She's anticipating people will embrace "bright, happy, citrus colors like a pop of true green, cheerful yellow, or punchy orange" to brighten their rooms.

Caron Woolsey, the founder and principal designer of CW Interiors, is also anticipating people will embrace color.

"Colored glass and unusually shaped tiles, such as scalloped, pentagonal, and triangular, will be popular in 2022," she said.


Antique Furniture: American antiques could find their way into many people's homes in the coming year.

Wood expects antiques to replace modern furniture in the coming year.

"For the past few years, I've been saying that we're seeing a revival of antiques," she said. "In 2022, I think we'll see early American antiques start to take center stage."

She added that she thinks the Americana Met Gala theme will influence this trend as well, with people filling their homes with staples like dark woods and Old World-looking patina pieces.


Gray Walls: The experts anticipate gray paint will be popular in 2022.

Gray paint with soft, brown undertones is on the rise for 2022, Wood said.

"This will look totally different to the '90s brown and beige paint trend and be richer and more earthy, with an air of sophistication," she said.

"Warm grays don't read as brown to the eye but add the perfect touch of cozy and calm feelings, which we know from Modsy's recent Interior Wellness Report are two of the top feelings people want in their homes," she added.

Wood said gray also works well with the antique furniture that's becoming more popular, so it makes sense they're finding their way into people's homes together.


Textures: Texture in furniture and fabric gives a dynamic look.

"Furniture pieces covered in textured, cozy fabrics that are super soft and aesthetically pleasing" are becoming popular, said Andi Morse, the founder and principal designer of Morse Design.

People are also turning to furniture made with performance fabrics, which are materials that are easy to clean and practical, Morse said.


Home Offices: Home offices will still be a priority.

"Home offices will still be a priority in 2022 as many people are continuing to work from home — a trend that is here to stay," Morse said.

Indeed, a Gallup poll found that as of April 2021, 72% of full-time workers in white-collar jobs are still working from home, making nice home offices a must.

"Making them beautiful yet functional is key," Morse added of home offices.


Minimalism: People will start blending minimalism with other décor styles in their spaces in 2022.

Rather than sticking to a totally minimalist aesthetic, Wood said, people will mix the style with more dynamic elements.

"Strict minimalism is waning these days in favor of pieces that are minimal, yet rustic," she said. "This style of furniture will continue to allow the space to be clutter-free without feeling like a space station."


Dark Wainscoting: Wainscoting will also be popular again, but it will look different than you might expect.

Wainscoting is often seen on the bottom half of walls in rooms like dining and living rooms. And according to Wood, it's become popular again, but in dark hues.

"Dark wainscoting is a trend that has blown up in the design world in 2021 and will continue to rule 2022," she said. "Wainscoting in a deep, saturated color is popular because it leans into the moody color trend, adding an elevated look to any room with features that make the space look much more expensive."

"It's easy to get this look, even in cookie-cutter houses, and makes any space feel like a regal, old home," she added.


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