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Artist Shilpi Gupta

Shilpi Gupta

As an artist, I aim to create original art which is truly photorealistic and awakens all our senses. I want art lovers to connect with nature emotionally through my art, so that it brings back pleasant memories and relaxes their mind, body and soul. 

Northern Lights Painting

Through my artworks, I have tried to achieve perfection in photorealism with bold and vibrant colors which resonate with our beautiful nature around. I believe in challenging myself and thinking differently in everything I create. I always aim to create something that is authentic, realistic and a pleasure to the eyes. My works are symbolic of nature and are inspired by the play of colors with natural effects of light on it. I also like to create unique background textures using different techniques to give an abstract effect blended with nature.

Sunset in the Galaxy Painting
2010 - present

When I started off painting with watercolors, I faced major obstacles. People around me perceived that oil and acrylic mediums on canvas were far more better; and should be used to achieve photorealism. Watercolor on paper was still considered by many as a "child's play work" or " anyone can do it" kind of a thing. Some people also considered that photorealism is not true art and that a real photo print can serve the same purpose, and hence disregarded my efforts gone into creating a photorealistic painting.


I was pretty demotivated by such kind of obstacles in my path. I had to deal with bringing awareness among people about my efforts gone into the same. But of no use. As it is well said "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do". Finally by the encouragement given by my near and dear ones, I decided to overcome these obstacles and started painting photorealistic paintings in watercolor to achieve my quest.

2010 - present

I am a Computer Engineer by profession who enjoyed working in a reputed IT company for nearly a decade. It was a dream come true and all my colleagues still remember how efficient I was in my work. Another decade went by as a homemaker and then started my art journey with a short watercolor painting course. Since then my main focus of attention is fine art and I aim to achieve the same professionalism in this field too. It has been a journey with no regrets. I tried other mediums of painting, but watercolors fascinated me the most.


Even though I am a self-taught artist, I have received loads of appreciation for being able to create unique textures and mainly achieve photorealism in my artworks. People love my paintings for the reflections in water, shadows, delicate petals of flowers, intricate feathers of birds, fusion portraits etc. I have been recognized as a winner for my artworks in multiple online art competitions. I have been a featured guest artist on Doodlewash too. My works have been displayed at multiple art galleries and exhibitions like the Indian Art Festival, DD Neroy Art Gallery, Bombay Art Society as well as the National Gallery of Indonesia at Jakarta. Apart from that I have displayed my works at a SOLO Exhibition in Mumbai and group art exhibition at the Oberoi Woods, JP Decks and many more places. I aim to exhibit my works at the renowned Jehangir Art Gallery one day. I started painting as a hobby but now its a full fledged profession. Since the time I decided to sell my artworks for art lovers to enjoy and experience the happiness, I sold 20 of them in the first year itself which included commission works in watercolor - The Banaras Ghats and the Hawaii Painting in acrylics. Since then I had a number of art collectors buying from me online/ offline or on commission orders. I have also invested my time to skill up by doing art marketing courses too. There I got quite a few valuable insights which will help me in reaching my goals and achieving my quest by connecting the art lovers with wonders of nature.


Exhibited and sold 15 works at the Urban Art Exhibition

JP Decks, Mumbai

Exhibited and sold 18 works at the Urban Art Exhibition

Oberoi Woods, Mumbai

Selected for the

"IWS Indonesia International Competition & Exhibition 2022"

Exhibited my painting at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta

Exhibited my art at the Shrewsbury Public Library, Massachusetts, USA

Group Art Exhibition at "Bombay Art Society" in Mumbai

Exhibited at DD Neroy Art Gallery,

Chowpatty, Mumbai

First Winner of the Painting Competition "Realistic Flowers" 

hosted by Tap Your Talents

Article published in "The E Today"

Check it out "Shilpi Gupta"

Exhibited at India's biggest art fair : Virtual India Art Festival 

Winner of MeetTheWomenPreneur Photo Challenge

hosted by Shreya Sharan Pawar

Winner of MeetWomenPreneur Challengee

Jury of the Online Art Jamming Competition

hosted by InnerDots

Winner of 'Art With A Heart' Competition 

hosted by Rotary Club of Madras Central.

2 of my paintings won prizes and were selected to be put up

at the Children's Hospital in Chennai.

Winner of the Online Art Competition

hosted by InnerDots on Instagram

Donated 3 paintings for the 'Art For Charity' Auction

for a social cause hosted by the Lions Club

Featured as a Guest Artist on Doodlewash

Check it out "Reawakening the Art in Me"

Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash

My first Solo Exhibition at Mumbai

Sold 4 artworks

Do you wish to decorate your home with a beautiful art piece. Contact me now.

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