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Artist Shilpi Gupta

Shilpi Gupta

As an artist, my goal is to craft original art that is genuinely photorealistic and evokes all of our senses. I aspire for art enthusiasts to emotionally connect with nature through my work, evoking pleasant memories and instilling a sense of relaxation in their mind, body, and soul.

Northern Lights Painting

In my artworks, I strive to attain perfection in photorealism by infusing bold, vibrant colors that echo the beauty of our natural surroundings. I embrace the challenge of pushing boundaries and innovative perspectives in every piece I create. My primary goal is to produce authentic, realistic compositions that captivate the eye. My creations serve as symbolic representations of nature, drawing inspiration from the interplay of colors under the nuanced effects of natural light. Additionally, I enjoy crafting distinctive background textures employing various techniques, amalgamating an abstract essence with the elements of nature.

Sunset in the Galaxy Painting
2010 - present

When I began painting with watercolors, I encountered significant challenges. Many around me held the belief that achieving photorealism required the use of oil or acrylic mediums on canvas, dismissing watercolor on paper as inferior. It was often perceived as a simplistic or trivial medium, with sentiments echoing, "anyone can do it" or akin to "child's play work." Moreover, there existed a prevailing notion that photorealism lacked the essence of true artistry, as a photograph could serve the same purpose, undermining the dedication I poured into creating a photorealistic painting.


Encountering these obstacles was quite demoralizing for me. Despite my efforts to raise awareness about the dedication and skill required in my work, it seemed futile. There's a saying that goes, "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do". However, with the unwavering encouragement from my loved ones, I made a firm decision to surmount these hurdles. I resolved to pursue my quest of creating photorealistic paintings using watercolors, driven by determination and passion.

2010 - present

I started my professional journey as a Computer Engineer, relishing nearly a decade in a prestigious IT firm. It was a dream realized, and my colleagues still recall my efficiency in that domain. Following a decade-long chapter as a homemaker, I embarked on my art journey with a brief course in watercolor painting. Since then, my primary focus has shifted to fine art, aspiring to cultivate the same level of professionalism in this field. It's been a path I've traversed without any regrets. While experimenting with various painting mediums, it's the enchantment of watercolors that has truly captivated my artistic attention. Despite being a self-taught artist, I've garnered abundant appreciation for my ability to craft unique textures and achieve photorealism in my artworks. Admirers particularly love the way I capture reflections in water, play with shadows, delicately portray flower petals, intricately depict bird feathers, and fuse captivating portraits.


My artistic endeavors have earned me victories in multiple art competitions, the honor of being featured as a guest artist, and a role as a sole art jury at IIT Kanpur. Notably, my artistic journey has transcended borders with selection and participation for international exhibitions at the National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta, Casa de Cultura in Mexico, as well as in Kathmandu, Nepal. Additionally, I take pride in announcing the publication of my first book on art materials and the ongoing success of watercolor courses conducted by me. My artworks have adorned the walls of esteemed venues, including the Indian Art Festival, DD Neroy Art Gallery, and the Bombay Art Society, alongside numerous solo and group exhibitions at prestigious locations in Mumbai. I have cultivated a clientele of art collectors who appreciate my work through online and offline channels, as well as through commissioned orders. These milestones signify significant steps in my ongoing quest to connect art lovers with the wonders of nature.

International Exhibitions
Other Achievements

Invited to be the Sole Jury

for 6 fine art events at the cultural fest "Antaragni 23" at IIT Kanpur

Exhibited and sold 10 works at the Urban Art Exhibition

Goregaon, Mumbai

Exhibited and sold 15 works at the Urban Art Exhibition

JP Decks, Mumbai

Exhibited and sold 18 works at the Urban Art Exhibition

Oberoi Woods, Mumbai

Exhibited my art at the Shrewsbury Public Library, Massachusetts, USA

Group Art Exhibition at "Bombay Art Society" in Mumbai

Exhibited at DD Neroy Art Gallery,

Chowpatty, Mumbai

First Winner of the Painting Competition "Realistic Flowers" 

hosted by Tap Your Talents

Article published in "The E Today"

Check it out "Shilpi Gupta"

Exhibited at India's biggest art fair : Virtual India Art Festival 

Winner of MeetTheWomenPreneur Photo Challenge

hosted by Shreya Sharan Pawar

Winner of MeetWomenPreneur Challengee

Jury of the Online Art Jamming Competition

hosted by InnerDots

Winner of 'Art With A Heart' Competition 

hosted by Rotary Club of Madras Central.

2 of my paintings won prizes and were selected to be put up

at the Children's Hospital in Chennai.

Winner of the Online Art Competition

hosted by InnerDots on Instagram

Donated 3 paintings for the 'Art For Charity' Auction

for a social cause hosted by the Lions Club

Featured as a Guest Artist on Doodlewash

Check it out "Reawakening the Art in Me"

Featured Guest Artist on Doodlewash

My first Solo Exhibition at Mumbai

Sold 4 artworks

Do you wish to decorate your home with a beautiful art piece. Contact me now.

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