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The Hawaii Sunset
(Custom Art)

Buyer: Sumina Verma

On my Hawaii vacation, I experienced some mesmerizing sunsets and wanted to capture those moments forever. I asked Shilpi if she could make a 3-panel canvas painting of the Hawaii sunset for me. When I received it, I could not believe how truly the painting depicted the real sunset! The colors in the artwork were strikingly beautiful and almost life-like. Shilpi’s professionalism throughout the process, keeping me informed when the painting would be completed, the delivery time, and the safe packaging were all excellent. Hoping Shilpi continues growing in her art field and be extremely successful in the art business.


Banaras Ghats (Custom Art),
Krishna - The Flute,
Floral Beauty &
The Secret

Buyer: Asmita Thakur

"We wanted a customized Banaras Ghats landscape painting with a beautiful scene where people are praying and lighting lamps in the holy waters. Shilpi made just the right piece for us. And the “Krishna- The Flute” was so divine. Also I purchased the beautiful flower painting “Floral Beauty” and the portrait “The Secret”. Both are beautiful pieces of artwork. Shilpi is a wonderful person to work with. The art was shipped, packaged wonderfully and protected quite well. It was a pleasure getting art done from her and I will love and be moved by her artwork for a very long time."


Mystic Varanasi,
Alive &
Let's Enjoy

Buyer: Dhananjay Patankar

We purchased the artwork “Mystic Varanasi”, a village landscape “Alive” and a rain scene “Let’s Enjoy”. While the first two depict pleasing city and village views, the third delicately and beautifully captures a joyful moment of a person on a rainy walk.  Shilpi is a talented artist and we look forward to purchasing more from her to adorn our walls!

A walk to remember.jpg

A Walk To Remember &
The Way To Eiffel

Buyer: Sanjana

We just love all the artworks created by Shilpi. It was really difficult choosing. We finally purchased the outstanding autumn landscape “A Walk to Remember” and the phenomenal Eiffel tower painting “The Way to Eiffel”. The paintings are gorgeous and much better in reality. We also purchased some art prints which are no less than the original. Very prompt framing and shipping along with excellent packaging. I would not hesitate to buy from Shilpi Gupta again-Truly outstanding work.

Exquisite London Coast.jpg

Exquisite London Coast & Northern Lights (Mini paintings on an easel)

Buyer: Divya S

My sister and I purchased 2 pieces of Nature art from Shilpi and it has found an irreplaceable spot on my bookshelf! Her paintings look like pictures and are very reasonably priced. Would love to get gift some of these to my friends and family for special occasions :)

Human Closeness.jpg

Human Closeness & Radiant

Buyer: M Geervani

We bought two Paintings of sunset during the exhibition. We like them very much.


My Dear One, Charming,
World in a Bubble,
Nature Trail, Florid Orange, Transformation, Flamboyant,
Where's Your Kite, Grassy,
Silhouette Sparrows &
Sunset in the Galaxy

Buyer: Soumya Pandey

"Paintings are the best form of both - expression & indulgence and also bring a lot of calmness. It not only adds charm to your wall but a good one can take you to a different world of imagination which can start making anyone want it to come to reality. 

While I am not an expert in paintings, I do get attracted to certain exquisite works of Art which can make anyone spellbound. It was the same experience that I went through recently while going through some of Shilpi's excellent work in watercolor paintings. Variations in content, style & colors fills the heart multi-fold. Not just her work but also her commitment to get her clients receive their choice of Art, in the best framed way & well packaged one, makes the whole experience wonderful. I ended up buying 4 of her exquisite works recently along with 2 of her son's abstract paintings (Jay Gupta) which have been embraced by every member of my family. 

Waiting to see some more great work & also own a few of them as well."

P.S. Eventually Soumya kept buying more artworks and finally bought 16 paintings in all including 1 custom art.

A Dream Home-min.jpg

A Dream Home &

Buyer: Kunal Gupta

We purchased the artworks “A Dream Home” and “Youthful”. Both the landscapes are just lovely. They look fabulous on our walls. Very talented artist - quick framing and shipping and expert packing. Looking forward to purchasing more beautiful works from you in the future too.

Togetherness (Sold).jpg


Buyer: Deven Shah

We purchased the Radha Krishna painting “Togetherness” from Shilpi Gupta. When we received the painting, we were spellbound by the beauty of it. Shilpi is an amazing artist and we look forward to purchasing more of her paintings.

The Golden Forest.jpg

The Golden Forest &

Buyer: Sangeeta Gogawale

It was nice knowing Shilpi! I bought 2 paintings from her for my mom's house. I also did a water color session with her which I really enjoyed and learned the technique of doing water drops on a flower. She is really a pleasant person and teaches really well!

Scenic Reflections.jpg

Scenic Reflections &
a Desk Calendar

Buyer: Anju

The range of paintings is extensive, appealing to different tastes. The fusion paintings speak a lot to the mind and heart. The detailing in the strokes has been done painstakingly. Kudos to you Shilpi - here's wishing you the very best and to grow from strength to strength!!

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