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Rose, the masterpiece of all flowers, with innumerable raindrops on its fragrant petals looks so beautiful. This yellow rose looks stunning when the drops shine with pride. The earthy smell in the air after it rains, mixed with the mildly sweet rose scent, is overwhelming. This aroma soothes you, relieves stress and improves your mood too. This sweet and scintillating fragrance of the rose, is enhanced with the raindrops shining like pearls, and mesmerizes us with its beauty and appearance.


Size : 30" X 22"

Free : Acrylic Glass Frame

Year : 2021

Shining Pearls

Frame Color
  • Original Hand-Painted one-of-a-kind Watercolor Painting.

    Medium : Finest Artist Grade Quality Watercolor/ Gouache Paints (Non-toxic)

    Material : Painted on Professional quality 200/300 gsm Watercolor paper which is long-life Acid-free, 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable

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