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Art Materials used by me

Here is a list of all the Art Materials that I have have been using. I have listed Beginner Art Materials, which I used when I started my journey as an artist and painting was just a hobby. The next section is Advanced Art Materials, which artists may require when they target to become professional artists and require higher quality products.

Art Materials (Affiliate*)

❣️Pen Art Materials :-

Sakura Waterproof Black Pen 1.0mm

Acrylic Color

White Paper A4 size

❣️For Beginners in Watercolor :-

Watercolor Pads A3 200gsm Brustro

Watercolor Pads A3 200gsm Anupam

Watercolor Pads A4 200gsm Anupam

Artist Watercolor Tubes 5 ml 24 shades

Watercolor Cakes

Brushes Camlin set of 4

White round Palette big

File Folder A4 size

❣️For Advanced in Watercolor :-

Watercolor Pads A3 300gsm Brustro

Watercolor Sheets A4 300gsm Brustro

Artist Watercolor Tubes 20 ml 12 shades

Nevskaya Professional Gouache Colors

Brushes Brustro set of 15

Sakura White Gelly Roll Pens - Fine, Medium & Bold

Sakura Waterproof Black Pen 1.0mm

Palette Brustro Folding Box with 33 well

File Folder A3 size

❣️Materials to make own frames :-

Transparent plastic rolls

OHP A3 size

OHP A4 size

Mount Board

Corrugated Cardboard Roll

Fevicol Squeeze bottle

Chart paper

Blue Tac Faber Castell (Tack-it):

-90 pieces

-180 pieces

Acrylic Black

Acrylic Pearl Metallic

Flat Brush

Palette Knife Painting Art Materials

❣️For Beginners :-

Acrylic Color Tubes

Palette knife set (Plastic)

Canvas Pads (A4 size)

Canvas Pads (A3 size)

Masking Tape

File Folder A4 size

❣️For Advance :-

Acrylic Colors (Heavy Body)

Palette Knife set (Metal)

Palette Knife set (Special effects)

Fluid Acrylic Colors

Canvas Roll

File Folder A3 size

*"I only recommend products that I actually own and use. Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you."

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