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Art Materials used by me

Watercolor Painting Art Materials (Affiliate*):

❣️Watercolor Paper:-

❣️WaterColor Tubes:-

❣️Gouache Colors:-


(Highly recommended : Consists of round, flat, fan, liner, filbert, angular brushes)

(As per latest reviews Camlin quality might have deteriorated)

❣️Palettes & Water Cups:-

Brustro Artists’ AIRTIGHT Peel-Off Palette 23 Wells (with separable lid, nanophase ceramic)

❣️Brush Stand & Tissue Rolls :-

❣️Masking Tools:-

Masking Fluid Pen 2mm (useful only for very fine lines)

❣️Waterproof Pens (Black & White):-

❣️Ruling Pens:-

❣️Plastic Folders or Display Books:-

❣️Drawing Boards:-

❣️Hair Dryer:-

You can support art by purchasing your supplies from Amazon through the links provided above. I would really appreciate your efforts and it means I can keep making watercolor posts for you all free. Thank you.

*"I only recommend products that I actually own and use OR are recommended and have good reviews on Amazon. Some of the above links are affiliate links, which means I may get a small commission at no extra cost to you."

❣️Book on Art Materials: If you're eager to discover comprehensive insights into the essential art materials, I've authored a detailed book covering everything you need. It includes recommendations tailored to availability, quality, and budget considerations. Get FREE Kindle Ebook here to dive deeper into the world of watercolor materials and elevate your artistic journey.

❣️To learn how to paint beautiful watercolor paintings, discover FREE Demo Tutorials as well as Upcoming Workshops and Advanced Watercolor Courses:

  • Step-by-step Tutorials

  • Real-Time Live Videos

  • Advanced Techniques

  • Weekly Live Q&A Support

  • Access to Bonus Content

  • Private Group for support

  • Recordings available

  • Watercolor & Gouache

  • Free Downloadable Sketch

  • Certificate Courses

In case you need more details about which art material to use, refer to these useful articles:

For any queries, please ask in comments. I will be happy to help. Subscribe to my YouTube channel

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