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2023 : An Year of International Exhibitions and Artistic Milestones

In 2023, my dreams transcended into tangible realities. As the year bearing my birth date unfolded, luck seemed to align with my aspirations. I dared to imagine my art showcased on global stages, seeking validation beyond borders. Surprisingly, fate intervened, leading me to triumph in international art competitions and securing coveted spots in art exhibitions worldwide. Each brushstroke became a universal language, resonating across cultures and affirming the universal appeal of my craft. 2023 wasn't just a year; it was a testament to the power of dedication and belief, proving that improbable dreams can indeed materialize into extraordinary achievements.

  • "Eternal Radiance-Taj Mahal at Dusk" at IWS Mexico: The honor of having my artwork displayed at the prestigious IWS Mexico exhibition in Casa De Cultura, Mexico City was truly remarkable. It allowed me to share my depiction of the Taj Mahal's ethereal beauty with an international audience, a moment that validated the essence of my artistic vision.

  • "Kathmandu's Sacred Aura" at IWS Nepal: Being selected to showcase a painting depicting the famous Bouddha temple at IWS Nepal in Kathmandu was a humbling experience. It enabled me to portray the spiritual essence of Kathmandu through my art, connecting with audiences on a cultural and emotional level.

  • "An Abode of God" at IWS Indonesia: This painting stands as a monumental achievement, marking my debut in international exhibitions. This showcase, a month-long presentation at the esteemed National Gallery of Indonesia in Jakarta, featured my painting capturing the serene beauty of the renowned "Ulun Danu Beratan Temple" in Bali, adorned by two vibrant mascots. It was more than a visual portrayal; it encapsulated local color and charm, resonating uniquely with the diverse and appreciative audience in Jakarta. This experience solidified the global connection through art, igniting a shared appreciation for cultural beauty beyond borders.

  • Sole Jury at "Antaragini" Fest, IIT Kanpur: The opportunity to serve as the sole jury for multiple art events at "Antaragini" fest held at IIT Kanpur was an absolute privilege. Being entrusted with this responsibility allowed me to evaluate and appreciate the creative talents of numerous artists, contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the event.

  • Successful Local Exhibitions in Mumbai: The local exhibitions in Mumbai were a testament to the support and appreciation of the community for my artwork. Witnessing the local audience resonate with my pieces was incredibly fulfilling and reinforced my commitment to artistic expression.

  • January Exhibition

  • May Exhibition

  • Commission Orders & Sales: Receiving commission orders for my paintings was a validation of the connection people felt with my art. Each commission presented a unique opportunity to translate individual visions into tangible, personalized artworks. Moreover, the sales of my paintings added another dimension to this remarkable journey. Witnessing my creations find homes and hearts across different parts of the world was not just gratifying but also a testament to the universality of art's emotional resonance. This growing demand and appreciation for my art continue to inspire and drive me to new heights in my creative pursuits.

  • Watercolor Workshops and Courses: The launch and continuous success of the Advanced Watercolor Certificate Course has been immensely rewarding. Seeing students excel in their artistic journey and witnessing the demand for successive workshops has been incredibly gratifying. Sharing some works created by students.

  • Publication of "Watercolor Essentials - The Fab 5": Releasing my debut book marked a significant milestone in my career. "Watercolor Essentials - The Fab 5" served as a comprehensive guide, sharing insights into art materials, specially curated for Indian artists. It's just the beginning as I plan to delve deeper into sharing my knowledge and experiences through future literary endeavors.

As 2023 drew to a close, I set my sights on surpassing my previous exhibition records. After showcasing my art in one country in 2022 and expanding to two countries in 2023, my target for 2024 was to exhibit in at least three different nations.

Surprisingly, before the curtain fell on 2023, I received exhilarating news—I'm slated for exhibitions in three countries next year: Serbia, Turkey, and Poland. It's a thrilling milestone that's urged me to aim higher. My aspirations now stretch beyond mere exhibitions; I envision triumphing as a winner on international stages. This newfound ambition fuels my drive, sparking a passion to push the boundaries of my artistic odyssey. I hope you'll all join me in this exciting venture.

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