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Learn to paint Tulips

Here you will learn to paint beautiful #Tulip flowers using #Gouache or #Watercolors. This is a step-by-step tutorial where I have used Gouache colors to paint the flowers. But the same can be painted using watercolors too. [DOWNLOAD FREE SKETCH]

Let's Learn

Sketch: I have found that some beginners find it difficult to draw perfectly. To make it easier for you, I have provided my drawing sketch which you can download for yourself. You can print it and trace your drawing. Let me know in the comments if you need tips on how to trace your drawings too. [Right Click on image below to DOWNLOAD FREE SKETCH]

Background: Once you are done with tracing, start painting the background taking care of the flowers. Also ensure that the drawing is very light. If not, lightly erase it before painting. Take very little lemon yellow and dab it in the background. Spread it with little water in the brush. Then add a touch of sap green and again spread it with wet brush blending it with the yellow. Keep green little darker in the lower part.

Flowers: Paint the tulips with different colors. I have used Gouache - Violet Light, Red, Lake Red, Prussian Blue and Lemon Yellow. You can use the same colors or any other of your choice. Leave little white on the top most portion of flowers OR add little white from the top and blend it downwards.

Leaves: Take sap green / deep green and paint more than half of the right side of the leaves. Then add a touch of lemon yellow to the left and blend it. Give a final touch of fine white line on the left edge and blend it lightly to create an effect of light.

Stem: Similarly paint the stems. Carefully blend it throughout.

Finishing up: Once all your flowers and leaves are done and dried up, you can add a touch of white line on the edge of the flowers using white gel pens.

Video tutorial: You can watch the full video tutorial with detailed step-by-step instructions here. [Video]

Tulip Painting Tutorial

For any queries, please ask in comments. I will be happy to help.

Materials Used: I have used Nevskaya Gouache colors, Brustro 200 gsm watercolor paper, Camlin brushes 0, 1 and 4; and Sakura white gel pens. The links for all the art materials used by me are given below:

Nevskaya Professional Gouache Colors 16x20 ml jars

Check this video for the Art Materials explanation:

Video showing all Art Materials

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Learn to Paint Tulips

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